Which Tank works the best for Donald the Aquatic Turtle? Leave a comment below


200 Gallon-Click on Photos for specs


200 Gallons

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Which Camera works best for streaming live?

Welcome to our New Blog everyone. With all the technical difficulties my current stream is having I am looking to upgrade my equipment but can’t decide which camera I should get. Leave a comment below to help me decide! You can click on the photos for camera specs.

Go Pro Hero 5img_3314
Logitech c922 pro stream

Mevo 12.4 MP Camcorder ‑ 720p ‑ 








Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder – 1080p 

Above Donald’s Water Line

Due to the high volume of concerns I wanted to write a blog specifically talking about the part of Donald’s tank everyone can’t see just quite yet. We are working on getting another camera angle of his floating island pad which I will go into more details about in a second.


As shown in the photo above, Donald’s tank has a very large floating dock as well as a dual lighting system which consist’s of a heat lamp + a UV light. Both products are made by an awesome company called ZooMed! I’ll attach both of their products that are in Donald’s tank to his blog here below.

For More Information On The ZooMed Lighting Click Here

For More Information On the Zoomed Large Turtle Dock Click here


How to clean your red-eared sliders tank. Donald’s Tank Nice and Clean!



Every weekend Donald’s tank gets completely cleaned out. Below are the list of products I use to keep Donald’s Tank as Clean as possible!


If you want your aquatic turtle to live up to their longest life spans, then keeping a clean tank is a must.

Tetra Whisper 20i – The Tetra Whisper 20i Is a great filter for the current 20 gallon tank he is in. Super quiet compared to other filters I have owned in the past and makes a nice running water trickle effect.

Click Here For More Information On The Tetra Whisper 20i

EHEIM Quick Vac Pro- The EHEIM Quick Vac Pro is a must have for all aquarium owners. I have read many mixed reviews on these however this particular one has worked wonders for me and makes cleaning the gravel in Donald’s tank so much more easier.

Click Here For More Information On The EHEIM Quick Vac Pro

API Sludge Destroyer-Since I started using Sludge destroyer in Donald’s tank I have noticed a huge change in water clarity as well as less sludge build up. A must have for Turtle owners.

Click Here For More Information On API Sludge Destroyer

API Stress Coat-Amazing stuff here guys and girls. Day’s prior to changing Donald’s Water I take about 5-10 Gallons of Water and add a full cap of API Stress Coat to the water. Once the water has sat for at least 24 hours its time to change Donald’s water. API Stress coat will keep your fish healthy during water changes and any sort of activity that could raise their stress levels.

Click Here For More Information On API Stress Coat