Red-eared Slider Fun Facts. About Donald’s Breed


P.S. thank you for your concerns, however I am known for being able to swim well underwater unlike my close relatives the tortoise.

-Donald The Turtle


A Message From Donald

Thank you for tuning in and making it over to our blog. To keep you guys filled in… We will be streaming online as long and as often as we can. Recently we have been having technical difficulties with connections speeds and the feed randomly going out. I am in the process of getting another stream device and should have it by the end of next week. Thank you for hanging in with us during the technical difficulties. I know it can be frustrating not seeing Donald for a couple hours, however we are trying our best and are constantly trying to figure out new ways to innovate Donald’s tank. Be sure to give us a follow and share with your friends and family but most importantly tap on that screen to show Donald some love ❤ and sit back, relax, and enjoy Donald The Turtle Everyone.

Trump Statue and more

A lot of periscope users have been wondering where I purchased my trump statue from. Well guys, I made it super simple for those people who made it here. If you are on a mobile phone scroll to the bottom of my home page and I have linked it to my home page. If you are on a desktop browser it should be on the right hand side of your screen. Even if Trump was not your favorite candidate they do have a whole president line of these statues which include Hillary, Bernie, Obama and more which can also be found by clicking on the same link.